Welcome to Your Excellent Health, the official teaching blog for Fountain of Life Healing School and Excellent Things.

My name is Donna Crow, I am a natural health advocate and a supporter of those who are seeking to restore their health naturally. To learn more click on the “About” tab above.

The purpose of this blog is to share some simple, yet effective, natural options we have for supporting and promoting our own good health. I personally believe we were designed for excellent health, have a right to pursue excellent health and that it is within our reach.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find information that is useful to you (or your family or friends) in your own pursuit of excellent health.

Dedicated to Your Excellent Health!
Donna Crow HHP

Our main sites are:

http://www.donnacrow.com This is Donna Crow central. You can connect to all our other sites there.
http://www.excellentthings.com  This is the pantry site for Fountain of LIfe. You will find all our products here.
http://www.bulkcolostrum.com Best price on the best all around body healer on the planet.
http://www.theoriginalhomozon.com Best price on the safest, most effective bowel cleanser available.
http://www.transformyourheart.com Our excellent teaching site dedicated specifically to heart health.
http://www.jesuseftandme.com Free book download of Donna’s experience using EFT for health.
Copyright 2011 Donna Crow


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