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Cure Diabetes?

Is it really possible to cure your own Diabetes?

This is what Dr. Mercola Says, “The truth is, type 2 diabetes is virtually 100 percent avoidable and treatable entirely without drugs.”

That is a profound statement when you realize that, in the USA one-third of the population has Diabetes and Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness, amputation and kidney failure. Are you telling me that all that can be prevented or treated by natural means?

According to modern health educators, the answer is Yes! One such person is Mr. Thomas Smith, Author of Insulin: Our Silent Killer. Mr Smith will be our special guest on the next BlogTalkRadio with Donna Crow broadcast on August 9, 2011 at 1:00 PM Pacific time.

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Mr. Smith was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was 65. His is now 81 and has been free of Diabetes during all those years.

Yes, Mr. Smith cured himself of Diabetes through simple natural means. I sought him out after reading an article he had written on Diabetes, which was by far the most intelligent thing I had seen written on the subject. Subsequently, after reading his book, I knew I wanted my listeners to get to know this man. He is an excellent researcher and has a such extensive knowledge of this subject that he has had doctors attend his lectures and take notes.

In his book he helps us to understand the Blood Sugar Control System (BSCS), what causes it to cease to function properly, and hot to get it back up and running in a healthy fashion. His book has helped a great deal of people to become diabetes free.

You are certain to enjoy this broadcast. I hope you can join us. For those who are unable to join us for the live broadcast you can always listen after the fact as the broadcast will be archived. Click HERE to listen.

A simple google search will lead you to at least a dozen books by others that are teaching people how to cure themselves of Diabetes. If you have Diabetes it might be smart to check out some of them and see what they have to offer.  Mr. Smiths book is just excellent, however it does not have recipes, which can be helpful for those who just have no idea where to get delicious recipes.  Be aware that many standard diabetes cookbooks actually promote Diabetes. You want recipes from people who really understand the issue. Two that I know of that include recipes are The Truth About Diabetes and How to Reverse It, by Dr. Whitaker and Diabetes Reversed by Joe Barton.  (Be warned, both of these resources will try to sell you their newsletters.)  Both Diabetes packages are in a reasonable range at about $20 each.

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To purchase Thomas Smith’s book, click HERE.