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40 Day RFC Continued – Raw Butter

Well, I am officially a pioneer. This week I purchased raw cream, produced by Marilla, the cow, seen in the photo below, and churned it into fresh, homemade sweet cream butter. So delicious.

Marilla eats grass year round, has a lovely disposition, and her milk is heavenly. I purchased two quarts of Marilla made raw cream, and churned it into butter. I was surprised by how easy it was and elated with how delicious it is, and how positively my body responded to the milk, the cream and the butter. I also has a sense of accomplishment at making butter and called several friends to impress them with my new skill. Smile.

I used this little unit to “churn” the cream.

Below is a photo of

  • the starting product (in the measuring cup),
  • the butter that it produced (the round yellow butter),
  • the buttermilk it produced (in the stemware glass)
  • and a store bought cube of salt free, sweet cream, pasteurized butter for comparison.

Notice how yellow the butter is that I hand churned. I did NOT add any coloring to it. This is the natural color. Pretty impressive.

Raw milk and raw cream are full of natural nutrition, which includes: minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, acids, and more. Some consider it to be perfect food and it certainly falls in the category of Real Food.  Raw milk fasts have been proven to be beneficial for people, in varying degrees. Google raw milk fast and you will find a good deal of info on this.

So, raw milk, cream and butter are genuine/real food, and because I was blessed to find raw cream locally, I decided to adventure into the world of butter making and use only raw butter during this 40 day real food challenge. I have to say it is lovely, lovely, lovely. If you have never experienced raw milk, cream or butter, I highly recommend you give it a try. The trick is to find a source that comes from a grass fed cow. Their diet makes all the difference, as does their disposition. (You want to also make sure the farmer has a sanitary set up. I bought some raw milk from another source once and it was not a pleasant experience, so be alert in this.)

The truth is, if I have a choice, I will never go back to pasteurized milk, cheese, cream or butter. The difference is so extreme. Real dairy is delicious, satisfying and promotes health. These are all good reasons to choose raw, however, I would choose raw just for the flavor, even if there were no differences nutritionally. It is just superior in taste. Yuh uh ummmmmm!

Below is a close up of the raw butter and the pasteurized butter.

You can imagine how much more nutritious the one on the left is, just by looking at the deep rich yellow. I assume this is Vitamin A, but can’t say for sure.

I also love that in the process of making butter I also “made” buttermilk. The milk that separates from the butter fat is buttermilk and it is also delicious. You can see the buttermilk in the stemware glass in the top picture. Notice is it whiter than the cream in the measuring cup.  When the butter is separated out, it leaves a nice white buttermilk.

So what about low fat diets? Aren’t they supposed to be good for you? No!

Your body needs saturated fats and fat soluble vitamins. Without these you end up malnourished. Read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, or go to the Weston A Price Foundation website to read more. Fat is essential to health, and butter, lard, coconut oil/butter are all extremely healthy for you.

Margarine, Crisco and other artificial fats are extremely detrimental to health. They are artificial, manufactured injestibles which have no real food value, and your body cannot use them to create healthy cells.

Pasteurized milk, cream, cheese and butter are not much better. They cause mucous production, inflammation, immune distress, and general stress to the body. People who are “allergic to dairy” often find they are not allergic at all when they are able to try raw dairy. What they are allergic to is milk that has been profoundly altered and damaged through pasteurization and homogenization.

So! If you are able to find some real raw dairy, you might consider giving it a try during your 40 Day Real Food Challenge, and let us know how it goes. lists real milk sources by state.  I find it extremely satisfying and with the first few swigs I felt my body relax and become calm and centered. I highly recommend it.

It has been interesting to me to see there is a whole REAL food movement out there. I thought I was the one who coined the phrase “real food,” but others are using the same term. I’m very encouraged to see others choosing real food for life.

To Your Excellent Health!