Can Crohn’s be healed?  I have a client who says, “Yes!”

Crohn’s, simply stated, is inflammation of the bowel, specifically the lower part of the small intestine called the ileum. The inflammation may involve all layers of tissue in the bowel. It is theorized that the cause is an overactive immune response, which means the immune system has begun to attack normal healthy cells, which causes a flood of white blood cells to the area, which causes inflammation.

The responding theory for healing is this. If you turn off this hyper-immune response the inflammation will leave and the body will then repair itself. Some people who have taken steps to turn off this hyper-immune response have indeed found that their symptoms are relieved. So, how did they turn it off?

One major player is CM Powder.  (cetyl myristoleate) This product has successfully been used by those with arthritis and other hyper-immune issues to down regulate the immune system, and it seems to work well with Crohn’s.

I just got a phone call from a guy I know who used CM Powder, colostrum and Serrapeptase together. He did this for a rather short time, maybe 4-6 weeks and noticed symptom relief immediately. Just yesterday he had a colonoscopy and was told that the could not see any Crohn’s anywhere in his digestive track.

Why Colostrum?  The digestive tract from the mouth down is lined with epithelial cells. Any attack on the lining of the digestive system is an attack on the integrity of these cells. Colostrum contains Epithelial Growth Factor, which strongly supports your body in growing new Epithelial cells. I’ve seen people with major food allergies related to various digestive maladies like: Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulitus, as well as Crohn’s, get relief from those food allergies in as little as 3 days with the use of Colostrum.

Why Serrapeptase? Serrapeptase is well-known as a natural anti-inflammatory with none of the side effects associated with NSAIDS. It also is a strong protease capable of digesting scar tissue anywhere in the body. At the very least it can help with the inflammation of the lining of the gut. However, if there is also scar tissue in the area, Serrapeptase can eliminate that overtime so it’s a win-win product.

So, the rationale behind the protocol he chose was this:

  • Take CM Powder to turn off the hyper-immune response,
  • Take Serrapeptase to speedily reduce/eliminate the inflammation and/or any scar tissue,
  • Take Colostrum to speed the healing of any damaged areas of the lining.

The result for this man was a Crohn’s free intestine in less than 6 weeks. He was also taking prescription medication for this issue, but he had been on those for more than a year and though it gave minor and temporary relief for a few hours after ingesting, it didn’t actually fix the problem. After a short time on the natural protocol he joyfully had symptom relief and the colonoscopy showed that actual healing had occurred.

Will this work first time every time for everyone? No. I’ve never found anything that works first time, every time for everyone for any problem. And, with an issue like Crohn’s, there will generally be some sort of emotional trigger that started the whole thing. Quite often, without experiencing emotional healing/resolution of that issue it can be difficult to experience permanent healing. In that kind of situation something like EFT ( can be extremely helpful.

That being said, the above products are certainly worth trying. They are all relatively inexpensive, all are supportive of overall body health and you might just find that you get relief, not only of the digestive symptoms, but of other body maladies addressed by these same products. Colostrum is powefully Anti-Aging and is the best all around super-healer on the planet, so while you are doing colostrum for your digestive system you might find other issues resolving.

Others have found adding a good probiotic like PB-8 to this protocol is helpful. Probiotics greatly support the health of the digestive tract and can be damaged by anti-biotic use, which is a common among those with Crohn’s. You can also re-seed your digestive track with good probiotics by eating fermented foods like Kim-Chi, and real sauerkraut like Bubblies makes. Bubbies also has real fermented pickles which are very delicious. You can also make Rejuvelac, a home-made probiotic drink.

For more information, drop by and

If you try this protocol, let us know how your body responds.

Dedicated to Your Excellent Health,                                                               Donna Crow, HHP


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