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Joint and Disk Repair – Naturally

Joint and Disk Repair. Can it be done? You bet!

Here are a few products you can research that our clients have found useful in varying degrees. I’ve had clients scheduled for surgery who called and canceled their surgery because they were pain free in less than a week. Once again . . . will this happen for everyone? No. Nothing works first time, every time, for everyone, but this protocol has proven extremely effective for a multitude of people and is certainly worth giving a try.


  • 1 – Serrapeptase: This is a strong protease that digests scar tissue, which can contributing factor to pain in joints and disks. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and an effective natural pain reliever that does not have any of the dangerous side effects associated with NSAIDS. Serrapeptase has too many benefits to list them all here but one really nice benefit worth mentioning  is that it cleans our arteries. This means, while you are getting some pain relief, reducing inflammation and digesting scar tissue, you will be cleaning out your cardio-vascular system. Nice!
  • 2 – CM Powder: CM Powder is an inexpensive little product that has been laboratory proven to down regulate a hyper immune response. Since this is generally an issue in degenerative disk disease, CM Powder can be a real life-saver by down regulating this hyper response and allowing healing to occur. Studies show that arthritis that damages joints can be turned off with Cetyl Myristoleate. Clients often report immediate pain relief. This does not mean the issue has resolved. It does generally mean that the issue is being resolved and ovetime you can see real healing. Doctors recommend taking it three times a day for a full 6-8 weeks to be effective.
  • 3- ImmuCell: Immucell is a natural Collagen product that supports the restoration of lost disk or joint materials. By taking serrapeptase you stop/reduce inflammation, eliminate scar tissue and give temporary pain relief. By taking CM Powder you turn of the hyper immune response that is causing your immune system to damage your joints and disks. Then, by taking ImmuCell you give the body building blocks specifically for the damaged joints and disks.
  • 4 – Colostrum: Colostrum if an overall body restorer/repairer and superfood, but it specifically has Transforming Growth Factor in it which instructs the body to repair joints and disks. You can imagine how that might benefit the body. This, coupled with ImmuCell, can powerfully support the body in restoring joints and disks.

I had a nurse call me recently who had experienced a shoulder injury at work. She was unable to move her arm without excruciating pain. She happened to have some Colostrum on hand and thought she’d give it a try. She called me the next day to say it was like a miracle. She had taken 6 Tablespoons  in the AM and another 6 Tablespoons in the PM, and when she woke up the next day all the inflammation was gone, she had no pain and she had full range of motion. She was happily amazed. She continued to take a reduced amount of colostrum daily. Two weeks later she had her shoulder scanned and the doctor reported that he could see nothing wrong with her shoulder at all. She was jumping for joy and so was I.

This is just one of a multitude of great testimonies I have heard from people using one or all of these products.

Other items of interest are:

  • Near and Far Infrared. These can give remarkable pain relief and speed healing by 40%. I love my little Near Infra-red unit. It is so soothing and gives quick pain relief for stubbed toes as well as bruises or swollen painful joints and disks. I first learned about the ability of Infrared to heal disks from a testimony of a woman who used a 660 Infrared unit two minutes a day on her ruptured disks and with in eight months they were totally restored. That impressed me and I went on to study more on this subject and had a guy build hand-held unit for my Dad. He found it incredibly useful and so did I. I used it for minor issues that arose like a banged up knee from doing yard work and found it effective every time. I highly recommend doing some reading on this at 
  • Chi Machine: The Chi Machine is a wondrous thing. It was originally designed to oxygenate the body, which it does quite well. The positive results of increased oxygenation to the body are too vast and varied to list them all here so we will stick to the joint and disk subject. This little machine powerfully moves the lymphatic system, allowing healthy levels of oxygenation to the tissue and this simple action enables the body to engage in what is known as Speed Healing. All manner of physical maladies disappear when using the Chi Machine regulary, and the unique way it fishtails the body has proven to be very beneficial in aligning the spine and promoting healing, not just in the spine, but body-wide. I Chi daily and would not be without my machine as long as I have a choice. If you aren’t familiar with this powerful little machine, I highly recommend you drop by Excellent Things and read further. You want to also beware of copycats. I’ve tried numerous copycat machines and they are more jangling than I can say. I went looking for a better price and just could not find a copycat machine that could even remotely compare to the Original Chi Machine by HTE, so I am sticking with them.

You really can go from serious pain to pain-free and healed. Do yourself a favor and read up on each of these items and consider giving them a try. The trick is to do them consistently. A hit and miss program will not work.  Essentially you end up starting over repeatedly. With consistency your body can do some serious repairs. Ever heard of a torn meniscus being totally restored? Doctors say it can’t be done. Dr. Kleinsmith says it can because it happened to him. Drop by BlogTalkRadio with Donna Crow and listen to Dr. K’s broadcasts. You will be inspired.

If you have questions, feel free to call and if we can help we will. We cannot diagnose or prescribe, but we can tell you what we have learned and help you make an informed choice about your own health.

Dedicated to Your Excellent Health!                                                                             Donna Crow Health Educator

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Can Crohn’s be healed?  I have a client who says, “Yes!”

Crohn’s, simply stated, is inflammation of the bowel, specifically the lower part of the small intestine called the ileum. The inflammation may involve all layers of tissue in the bowel. It is theorized that the cause is an overactive immune response, which means the immune system has begun to attack normal healthy cells, which causes a flood of white blood cells to the area, which causes inflammation.

The responding theory for healing is this. If you turn off this hyper-immune response the inflammation will leave and the body will then repair itself. Some people who have taken steps to turn off this hyper-immune response have indeed found that their symptoms are relieved. So, how did they turn it off?

One major player is CM Powder.  (cetyl myristoleate) This product has successfully been used by those with arthritis and other hyper-immune issues to down regulate the immune system, and it seems to work well with Crohn’s.

I just got a phone call from a guy I know who used CM Powder, colostrum and Serrapeptase together. He did this for a rather short time, maybe 4-6 weeks and noticed symptom relief immediately. Just yesterday he had a colonoscopy and was told that the could not see any Crohn’s anywhere in his digestive track.

Why Colostrum?  The digestive tract from the mouth down is lined with epithelial cells. Any attack on the lining of the digestive system is an attack on the integrity of these cells. Colostrum contains Epithelial Growth Factor, which strongly supports your body in growing new Epithelial cells. I’ve seen people with major food allergies related to various digestive maladies like: Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulitus, as well as Crohn’s, get relief from those food allergies in as little as 3 days with the use of Colostrum.

Why Serrapeptase? Serrapeptase is well-known as a natural anti-inflammatory with none of the side effects associated with NSAIDS. It also is a strong protease capable of digesting scar tissue anywhere in the body. At the very least it can help with the inflammation of the lining of the gut. However, if there is also scar tissue in the area, Serrapeptase can eliminate that overtime so it’s a win-win product.

So, the rationale behind the protocol he chose was this:

  • Take CM Powder to turn off the hyper-immune response,
  • Take Serrapeptase to speedily reduce/eliminate the inflammation and/or any scar tissue,
  • Take Colostrum to speed the healing of any damaged areas of the lining.

The result for this man was a Crohn’s free intestine in less than 6 weeks. He was also taking prescription medication for this issue, but he had been on those for more than a year and though it gave minor and temporary relief for a few hours after ingesting, it didn’t actually fix the problem. After a short time on the natural protocol he joyfully had symptom relief and the colonoscopy showed that actual healing had occurred.

Will this work first time every time for everyone? No. I’ve never found anything that works first time, every time for everyone for any problem. And, with an issue like Crohn’s, there will generally be some sort of emotional trigger that started the whole thing. Quite often, without experiencing emotional healing/resolution of that issue it can be difficult to experience permanent healing. In that kind of situation something like EFT ( can be extremely helpful.

That being said, the above products are certainly worth trying. They are all relatively inexpensive, all are supportive of overall body health and you might just find that you get relief, not only of the digestive symptoms, but of other body maladies addressed by these same products. Colostrum is powefully Anti-Aging and is the best all around super-healer on the planet, so while you are doing colostrum for your digestive system you might find other issues resolving.

Others have found adding a good probiotic like PB-8 to this protocol is helpful. Probiotics greatly support the health of the digestive tract and can be damaged by anti-biotic use, which is a common among those with Crohn’s. You can also re-seed your digestive track with good probiotics by eating fermented foods like Kim-Chi, and real sauerkraut like Bubblies makes. Bubbies also has real fermented pickles which are very delicious. You can also make Rejuvelac, a home-made probiotic drink.

For more information, drop by and

If you try this protocol, let us know how your body responds.

Dedicated to Your Excellent Health,                                                               Donna Crow, HHP



Anne Wigmores Hippocrates health drink – Anne Wigmore rejuvelac recipe.

Guests at the Hippocrates Health Centre on the Gold Coast of eastern Australia drink a glass of rejuvelac each day to improve their bowel flora. Rejuvelac may also be used as a starter for sourdough bread, and nut and seed cheese.

Makes 2 litres Rejuvelac.
1 cup of wheat grains, from a health food store.
2 litres of filtered water.
2 litre wide-mouthed glass jar.

1. Rinse wheat in water to remove dust and debris.

2. Add the wheat to the glass jar. Fill with filtered water and cover with gauze held securely in place with an elastic band. (It is important to prevent the entry of insects.) Soak for 12 hours.

3. Pour off the soak water and refill. Leave the jar on a kitchen bench out of direct sunlight. Give the jar a gentle twirl, but not a shake, every 12 hours. Once a light foam develops the Rejuvelac should be ready for use. It may take anywhere from 2-5 days to ferment the Rejuvelac depending on the ambient temperature. In hot weather where it may ferment too quickly (around 24 hours) it is possible for the Rejuvelac go putrid. Rejuvelac should have a pleasant yeasty smell with a lemon like flavour.

4. Once the Rejuvelac is ready then decant the liquid from the top leaving the sediment behind. Refridgerate. Refill the jar with water and ferment for another 24-36 hours to make a second culture. Decant the Rejuvelac, refrigerate – discard the wheat grains and the sediment.

1. Rinse wheat in water to remove dust and debris.

2. Soak the grain over filtered night. Pour off the water and rinse. Cover the jar with muslin cloth held securely in place to prevent entry of insects, then lay the jar on its side to drain, allowing the wheat to sprout for 1-3 days or until the roots are 1-3 mm long. Rinse periodically to prevent the grains from drying out, and to remove any potentially harmful organisms. In hot weather you may need to rinse the sprouting wheat 4-5 times a day.

3. Fill the jar with water and ferment the culture for 1-2 days or until it has gone milky with a layer of froth on the surface.

4. Decant the liquid and refrigerate.

1. It is possible for Rejuvelac to bad (as it is for sprouts and probably any fermented culture). You can generally tell if the rejuvelac is okay by the smell and taste. It should be acidic with a pH less than pH 3.9. It is good practice to observe, smell and taste the rejuvelac periodically to become accustomed to the changes that occur (as it is for any fermented culture). Rejuvelac should keep in the fridge for a week or more, and will gradually sweeten with time.

2. All bacteria and yeasts have an optimum incubation temperature. Refrigeration will inhibit the growth of some organisms but may give an opportunity for others to flourish. Hot weather or high temperatures, may encourage the rapid growth of pathogenic organisms before the beneficial organisms get started, in which case the culture will smell putrid. If your Rejuvelac culture goes off, discard it, sterilise the jar and wait for cooler weather. In hot weather, it is possible that a slight acidulation of the water with a little lemon juice at the start of the fermentation, may provide an environment less suited to pathogenic organisms.

Dedicated to Your Excellent Health!                                                                               Donna Crow